About TechSavvy Hans



Our Vision

In a world where technology is rapidly advancing and shaping the future, TechSavvy Hans emerges as a beacon for India's digital revolution. With a focus on fostering a robust Indian IT scene and stimulating the growth of innovative tech startups, our platform is dedicated to highlighting the myriad of tech advancements sprouting within the country's rich soil. Given the dynamic changes and developments that occur almost daily, our vision extends to being the premier portal for all tech enthusiasts, developers, and entrepreneurs eager to remain at the cutting edge of this ever-evolving industry. We aim to cultivate an informed community by delivering in-depth articles, facilitating expert insights, and engaging in meaningful community discussions.

About Our Platform

TechSavvy Hans is not merely a website; it is a collective effort to bridge the information gap in the Indian technology scene. Whether one seeks knowledge on the latest software development trends, desires updates on tech startups with transformative potential, or wishes to delve into the intricacies of digital transformation in India, TechSavvy Hans serves as the ultimate repository. Our platform ensures that the pulse of Indian innovation is not only captured but also disseminated in a manner that is accessible, relatable, and actionable. We pride ourselves on curating a vast library of resources and inspiration which assists individuals in fuelling their development pursuits and contributing significantly to the Indian technological landscape.

Our Community Commitment

Central to TechSavvy Hans is our unwavering commitment to the Indian IT community. We recognize the unique composition of this vibrant community; its blend of seasoned experts, budding developers, and visionary entrepreneurs all contribute to a rich tapestry of ideas and innovation. With this in mind, we have shaped our platform to be as inclusive and conducive to growth as possible. By fostering an environment that encourages the sharing of knowledge and experiences, we help members connect, collaborate, and break new grounds in tech. We believe that every discussion, article, or insight shared has the potential to ignite a spark of innovation and spur on the advancement of Indian technology as a whole.

Meet the Founder

Lillian Stanton, the brainchild behind TechSavvy Hans, is a respected figure with a keen interest in the technological advancements in India. Located at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, her geographical distance from India only makes her perspective all the more unique. With a deep-seated passion for software development and technological innovations, Lillian has been instrumental in creating a platform that not only keeps abreast with tech developments but also provides a comprehensive vision for India's digital transformation. Her dedication to this cause is evident in everything from the thoughtful curation of content on TechSavvy Hans to the meticulous organization of community discussions geared at propelling India to the forefront of the global tech scene.