Top 100 Coding Tips for Aspiring Developers



Top 100 Coding Tips for Aspiring Developers

Establishing the Perfect Coding Mindset

When I first dipped my toes into the refreshing pool of coding, I was quite overwhelmed. I mean, as a pet owner, trying to handle my Siberian husky, Bolt, and my Persian cat, Whiskers, simultaneously often seemed a simpler task than decoding these alien characters on the screen. That's when I realised that diving into it head-first wouldn't work. Instead, I needed to nurture an apt mindset, and that's what I did.

Laying the foundation with the right mindset is crucial when it comes to coding. Embrace errors! Don't shy away or get upset when errors pop up because that's how you get to learn. Debugging is just a part of this journey, so embrace it with open arms! Just like my husky, Bolt, loves rolling in the mud and I embrace the cleaning up afterwards!

Master the Art of Problem Solving - Programming Style

One sunny afternoon, I found myself playing fetch with Bolt, and I had a eureka moment! Bolt can make a wild dash and bring back whatever object I throw, right? That's because he has applied a simple concept of problem-solving. He breaks down the game 'fetch' into smaller tasks - run after the object, grab it, and bring it back. Applying this strategy in coding is heaps helpful.

Solving a coding problem requires breaking it down into manageable, bite-sized tasks. This neat trick makes programming much smoother. You tackle one part at a time, instead of getting entangled in a massive problem. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will be your coding project. So stay patient, stay persistent, and keep fetching!

The Importance of Understanding and Choosing the Right Tools

Life became a lot easier when I discovered the joys of a lint roller while dealing with Whiskers' persistent shedding. Much like how the right tool can simplify your life, in coding, picking the right tools is a game-changer.

There is a vast array of programs and languages that cater to various aspects of coding, ranging from data analysis to web development and automation. It's like walking into a pet store with Bolt and Whiskers - there's everything you need, but you have to pick what's best for you and your situation. So, evaluate, experiment, and then equip yourself with the right coding tools.

Organization: A Coder's Secret Superpower

Ever tried finding Whiskers' favourite toy in a room full of Bolt's scattered chew toys? It's a nightmare! In the chaos of all those toys, finding that one particular toy is a Herculean task! It's exactly the same with coding. If you do not organise your code, finding errors or simply navigating through it can be a daunting task.

Proper methods to organise your code including adequate indentation, methods, classes and good naming conventions are some of the ways you can keep your code organised. Make sure you comment on your code too! When you revisit it later, you'll thank your former self for that extra bit of information. After all, organised code is like an organised toy room, easier to navigate and play around in!

Practicing and Experimenting - There's No Substitute!

They say "Practice makes perfect," and they're right! Coding is no different. Just as Bolt wasn't a fetching expert right off the bat, you won't be a coding whiz overnight. It takes countless repetitions, experimenting with different methods and constant foraging through the vast fields of the internet to perfect your coding skills.

Recently, I embarked on a mission to teach Whiskers a new trick. It involved a lot of treats, persistence, and practice. But lo' and behold, the purrball finally learnt to give me a high-five! My little pet project, literally and figuratively, reminded me that with practice, you can achieve just about anything, and that definitely includes coding!

Collaboration is Key

If there's one thing I've learned from living with Bolt and Whiskers, it's that collaboration goes a long way. Be it Bolt protecting Whiskers from the neighborhood bully cat, or Whiskers helping Bolt get the last of his treats from under the couch, these furballs do understand teamwork. They've nailed the concept 'collaboration over competition'.

Similarly, in the world of coding, don't hesitate to seek help or discuss ideas with others. After all, two heads are better than one! Whether you're brainstorming solutions or simply seeking validation for your code, other developers can be an endless source of wisdom, inspiration, and also quite handy when debugging issues. So don't feel shy to ask, discuss and collaborate. You'll be surprised at what you can achieve together!