Coding Tips: How to Become a Coding Guru



Coding Tips: How to Become a Coding Guru

The Foundations of Coding

When I think about it, it's astounding how magical and influential coding can be. Every time I learn a new programming language or solve a complex coding problem, I feel like I've acquired some superpower. And honestly, I wish everyone could experience this. So how can you learn the art of coding and wind your way to becoming a coding Guru like me? Let's break it down, shall we?

The first thing to realise about coding is that it's not as intimidating as it appears. Often, my dear husband Douglas and I, we laugh about how our pets, Bolt and Whiskers, see coding. Bolt, the Siberian husky, stares at my screen with absolute bewilderment whenever I am coding. On the other hand, Whiskers, the Persian cat, appears far too relaxed, often lounging on my keyboard, presumably considering each key just another cozy spot for a nap.

Choosing the Right Language

Your coding journey begins by selecting a programming language. But here's the thing, the world of programming languages is as diverse as the animal kingdom. You've got your 'lions and sharks'- think Java and C++, then you have the 'cheetahs and dolphins' - Ruby and Python, and let's not forget the adorable 'hamsters and canaries'- HTML and CSS. Each of these has its own allure and strengths, and you should select one that suits your goals and interests.

Embracing the Learning Curve

Once you decide on a language, it's all about embracing the learning curve. Initially, it'll feel as steep as climbing the Everest barefoot, but don't let that discourage you. Even the most proficient coders went through a groping-in-the-dark phase early in their careers. There were plenty of times when I stared at my screen, utterly confused, with Bolt offering sympathetic glances my way. Remember, the key is persistence.

Grasping the Logic

Coding fundamentally boils down to logic. Basically, how well can you train your brain to think methodically and solve problems? One might compare it to playing chess, except here, instead of outsmarting your opponent, you are trying to outsmart a computer. And believe me, when I say this – beating a computer at its own game, is nothing short of a delightful victory.

Constant Practice

Coding skills improve with constant practice. Remember, while watching Bolt tirelessly chasing his tail, I realized that repetition isn’t a bad thing. Every day, I put aside some time for coding, whether working on a project or just hacking away at random problems. Coding practice platforms like LeetCode and HackerRank can be your best pals during this phase.

Utilising Resources

Making use of available resources is paramount for your coding journey. You’re really lucky because today you have so many resources at hand. When I began coding, the only thing I had were some dusty textbooks and that old desktop Douglas got as a college graduation gift. Nowadays, you have countless online courses, coding boot camps, coding challenge websites, and active coding communities at your disposal. So make sure to take full advantage of these.

Never Stop Learning

Lastly, never ever stop learning. Realize that the world of coding is evolving faster than Bolt when he spots a squirrel in the garden. New languages, libraries, and frameworks are cropping up every day, and staying relevant means keeping up with them. Remember, the best coders are those who are lifelong learners.

Now, embarking on the coding journey might seem challenging, but remember – each of us has got a coding guru inside, waiting to be discovered. So, time to let your coding guru shine, and I am always here, cheering you on. Happy coding!