A-Z of Coding: The Complete Programming Tutorial



A-Z of Coding: The Complete Programming Tutorial

The Essence of Programming

Look mate, when you boil it down, coding is really just telling a $3000 Facebook machine to render images of cats in higher definition or learning how not to shout expletives at an unresponsive spreadsheet. Quick warning: this might feel like pushing a brick wall down a hill, or trying to train a kangaroo to knit, but bear with me. There's a bundle of joy to be found in coding, well... figuratively speaking as always.

So, what's coding really about? Simple - it's the art of making computers do the cha-cha as per your command. It's not rocket science - I mean, not literally, although coding was a major part of the Apollo missions. But no worries, we are not trying to land a rocket here. Just trying to understand the language of these binary beasties.

Voyage into the Variables

Alight! Get ready, as we are about to dive into the world of variables. Now, variables are not a varied set of rials or tables with different variety, nor the different varieties of Aboriginal Interpretive Dance – but I suppose that could be a variable variable! Here, hold my beer, and listen in...

Think of variables as a thought bubble, holding whatever nonsense or wisdom you want to store. It's like an imaginary friend for your code, ready to hold onto whatever data you want to remember. It runs errand for your code, just like my Aunt Millie's poor chap of a husband. If there’s one rule to remember about variables, it's that they're sure fickle. They change their values as often as I change my mind about going to the gym. In short, they're your code's best friend.

Loopy for Loops

Imagine having to do the same bunch of actions repetitively. Like watching repeats of 'Friends,' but without the humor or nostalgia value. Dreadful, right? Boring as bat poop, I say. That's where loops come in. In programming, a loop allows us to perform a task multiple times without having to code the bleeding thing every time. Efficiency, mates!

You may be familiar with types of loops, like the 'for loop' or the 'while loop'. If not, no worries mate, here’s a quick synopsis: It's like when your mum asks you to clean your room, you say ‘in a bit’ (that’s the condition), but eventually you have to do it (that’s the repeat until the condition is met).

The function of Functions

Onwards and upwards, we move to my favorite thing in the world – Functions. Not the sort filled with beers and sizzlers, but still a party in the coding world. They're like pre-packaged, ready-to-go bits of code that you can use to perform a specific task. In other words, it's like that piece of IKEA furniture saved in the corner of your room, ready to be assembled when you finally get guests.

Creating a function in your code is like hiring a lentil-munching assistant to carry out specific chores. Write the instructions, and away they go. No complaints, no industrial disputes. It's not unlike owning a reliable rooster who wakes you up every morning without a fail. And just like that rooster, functions become an invaluable part of your coding life.

Debug, the Bug

Now here's a beast every coder dreads - bugs. Not the kind that scurries around in your kitchen at night, but one that messes up your sweet, sweet lines of code. Debugging is simply playing whack-a-mole with those pests. You spot them, you slam them, you fix them.

A bug could be hiding anywhere, in the dim-most corner of your code, messing up your results and causing your program to act out. Many a times I've felt like an overworked plumber trying to find the source of the leak, only to realize it's just the cat knocking over my water glass.

The Path to Perfection

Alright, let’s clear the air, nothing's perfect – not even Hugh Jackman's smile. But that doesn't stop us from trying – well, us trying to write the perfect code - we’re leaving the smile to Hugh. Just like cooking the perfect steak, or finding the right spot on the beach, it's all about trial and error. And let me tell you, every coder's secret ingredient – relentless practice.

More often than not, you’ll find me feeling like a rat in a rotating wheel - coding, debugging, facepalming, crying at 2 a.m., and then coding again. It almost always feels like trying to make a decent cuppa with a coffee pod machine. But eventually, you get the hang of it and it all becomes worth the effor‪t.‬

Reminds me of the time when I started my first coding job back in the day. Naïve and eager, I was thrown into a project with a hundreds of lines of code making about as much sense to me as quantum physics. But with immense support (and ridiculous amounts of coffee) I made it through. That was my rite of passage into adulthood, except it was a never ending cycle of caffeine and keystrokes instead of some ancient tribal ceremony.‬

People learn coding for various reasons. It could be for work, like me, or just as a hobby. No matter the reason, it's a journey filled with learning and growth. It's about getting your hands dirty (metaphorically speaking), spending sleepless nights trying to squash that pesky bug, and the satisfaction of finally seeing your code work flawlessly. Embrace the challenge, enjoy the journey, and happy coding!