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Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
However secured a website may be, some loopholes are bound to appear, not only because of carelessness, but, mostly due to the evolution of technology. By vulnerability assessment and penetration testing all these loopholes can be caught hold of and resolved for the better. Accross the years we have audited plenty of application including website and patched tons of vulnerabilities before they get exposed. We Provide Vulnerability Assessment and details Penetration Testing Report.
Awareness Camps and Seminars
Lack of awareness, we think, is the root cause of all the evils in the society. With this statement in mind, we have been striving to reach the masses since many years. Many schools, colleges, institutions, organizations, clubs, etc have been concluded. Not forgetting the Punjab , Gujarat and Maharashtra Police with whom we have had various sessions too. We conduct Ethical hacking workshops, Cyber awareness camps and ethical hacking seminars.  Our targets of concern till now have been:
  • Mobile, Wireless and VOIP Domian
  • E-mails Communication
  • Internet Banking
  • Web Defacement 
Assisting Cyber Victims
Apart from having seminars with the Police, we have always been there for them whenever they were into a cyber crime case. The assisstance was major at times and minor at others, but, it definitely served our purpose for the society. As a friend we are always there with the people and at times where legal assistance is required with the cyber laws, we are utmostly there. We will give you all that you need to know about the legalities of the cyber world too.
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