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Pokemon-Go is Hackers wish that came true

Posted On : Jul 18th 2016 by Rishi Aggarwal

While you are Playing Pokemon-Go, many others are busy in collecting data about you. The Company named "Niantic" has recently launched its new game "Pokemon-Go", which urges players to go out in public, visit landmarks, and collect cartoon monsters. The game is already close to exceeding Twitter in the number of daily active users on Android—and it was only released in July 2016.


As per "HANS - Anti-Hacking Anticipation Society" Pokemon-Go’s database of personal data has become a target for hackers, criminals, and organizations. On Mobile Phone, Pokemon-Go accesses user’s camera, contacts, GPS location, and SD card contents. Pokemon-Go also demands an active WiFi or GPS signal at all times in order to play. In other words, Pokemon-Go has to know who you are and where are you.

According to this company's Privacy Policy the company has full powers to use this information. The company can share user's personal information to law enforcement, sell it off, share it with third parties, and even store it in foreign countries. Even though, the company promises in it's Privacy Policy that it is taking “appropriate administrative, physical and electronic measures designed to protect the information.” but hackers have increasingly been targeting large databases of  personal information and successfully exploiting them. Even if personal information from Pokemon-Go is kept safe from illegal breaches, it can still be legally sold to and shared with third parties.

Hackers may also soon start making a profit by selling Pokemon catchers’ data on the black markets. There’s also the risk of credit card fraud—Pokemon-GO uses in-app transactions—as well as identity theft and fake insurance claims. Although "Pokemon-Go" promises to be taking protective measures, it acknowledges in its Privacy Policy that it “cannot guarantee the absolute security of any information.” In the Privacy Policy, "Pokemon-Go" also notes that it considers personal information of its users to be a “business asset” that can be sold to another company in the event of a merger, acquisition, or asset sale.

Pokemon-Go encourages users to collect items at real-world locations recognized as PokeStops, allowing criminals to anticipate places where players are likely to gather. Few people have already reportedly been robbed at gunpoint after visiting specific in-game locations.
Safety Tips
-Login into your Google account permission page and spot "Pokemon-Go".
-Select "Pokemon GO" and click "REMOVE" button to revoke the account access.

This will lead to loss of Game data. In order to avoid this, use a dummy Google account with no personal information.

Stay Alert and Stay Safe.

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