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Dont CLICK when you dont know where it leads to.

Posted On : Jul 18th 2016 by Rishi Aggarwal

Many time, you might see provoking posts on FACEBOOK, tempting you to CLICK. Beware ! That can be ClickJacking.


Clickjacking is a technique used to trick the users into clicking on links. Under this attack, the user thinks that he is clicking on a secure web page or standard button or a link. Like play games or download buttons but the victim is being tricked to click jackers hidden link with which user can be downloading malware or malicious application. Clickjacking attack Tricks the user to click the button or an application which will misdirect the user to another malicious web -application, page or a domain. Most of the android versions earlier to 4.4 were vulnerable to clickjacking attacks & as android version 5.0 has closed the doors for clickjacking attack as it has prevented the accessibility feature by preventing the final OK button but if the user does it manually allow the accessibility features through the application settings. A user should be aware while he is surfing.

Clickjacking tools:

One can check the website whether it is vulnerable to clickjacking attack.

Please refer the link below:


Courtesy : Amit Darange (mailtoamit13 @ gmail dot com )

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Click Jacking

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