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You will be shocked to know, What Google knows about you

Posted On : Jul 18th 2016 by Rishi Aggarwal

While using Google services (example Gmail, Drive, search, YouTube and Google Maps), you are making a deal. In exchange, you agree to share your information that Google can share with advertisers so their advertisements are more effective. For instance, Hotels want to target people who love to travel.


Google History


Google watches your every movement on the internet (what do you search for? click on?). You will be amazed by visiting google service page called "Web & App Activity".

If you wish, that google should not track your movements ; you can Browse in private with incognito mode.


Google Chrome user can use the keyboard shortcut and press Ctrl + Shift + N (Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS) and ? + Shift + N (Mac) to open an incognito window.

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Google History

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