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WhatsApp may get banned in India

Posted On : Apr 07th 2016 by Mahendra Kshirsagar

If you are using an updated version of Whatsapp, you must be aware that WhatsApp has enabled a 256-bit encryption by default. As a matter of fact, None of the Indian laws permit 256-bit encryption in private services.

According to rules issued by Dept. of Telecommunications (“DoT”), private companies/organisations can't use encryption that is higher than 40-bit without explicit permission from the government of India.



The permission may be granted only if the companies/organisations that intend to use encryption submits decryption keys to the government, which in this case is going to be impossible because WhatsApp has implemented the encryption in a way where even they themselves doesn't have the decryption key.

The interesting bit here is that it is not clear if the encryption rules formulated by DoT apply on WhatsApp or not. Nevertheless, due to the lack of clarity in this matter, if Indian government wants, it can clearly push WhatsApp out of the India with its 40-bit stick.


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