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Securing Your Facebook Account from Getting Hacked

Posted On : May 23rd 2015 by Bhuwnesh Joshi

Seriously Secure your Facebook Account from Getting Hacked

Nowadays, I am receiving a lots (And I mean a Lot) of requests regarding profile hacking from Facebook and such kind of Facebook online abuses. So, I am writing this article to convey some useful tips I found out to help your account stay secured. These tips and techniques will help you secure your Facebook account to some context as well as guide you for an overview for usage of Facebook security features. So let’s start the procedure to secure your Facebook account:

Tip #1: Generate and Use App Passwords

So, now you are most probably thinking what is the use of App passwords? Is it used to password protect each app? No, it is not its purpose. An App Password is used to generate random passwords for some applications which require you to add your Facebook password and save it. To make you better understand it, I’ll give you an example: You want to use Skype for voice calling and messages, and you want to enable your Facebook feed in its Home section. However, you don’t want to give Skype your Facebook Original password. In this case, App passwords come into use. Using App passwords, you can generate random password for such applications. It’s an easy and safe way to use different passwords for different applications instead of using your Facebook Account Password. Here are the steps to generate app passwords for Facebook Account: 

Step 1: Go to your Facebook Settings.

Facebook Settings

Step 2: Click on the App Passwords ‘Edit Button’.


Step 3: Click on ‘Generate app passwords’


Step 4: Click on Generate App Passwords


Step 5: Next, you need to add the name of the app. It is suggested by me to use the app original name so it can be easily identified. After that, Click on Generate Password.


Step 6: As you can see the blurred image part actually contains the generated Skype password. Now, we can use this password instead of our Facebook password in the Skype Application. You can do the same for any other application which requires your Facebook account password.


Note: The password generated by App passwords are as sensitive as your Facebook password. Do handle with care.

Tip #2: Enable Mobile Notification

Facebook currently has a feature named mobile notification which helps user notify login or login attempts from new devices and location. How this is useful, is that whenever you or someone else (malicious person) tries or successfully sign in to your account you are able to get notification through message and/or email about the activity. In case it’s not you, you can respond to the situation in an effective way. So here is the simple steps to enable mobile notification:

Step 1: Go to your Facebook Settings

Step 2: Click on the ‘Edit’ Section of the Login Alerts Tab.


Step 3: Enable Notifications, Email, and Text Messages from the security settings as seen in the image below.


Step 4: Now you will be receiving Notification to your mobile and email whenever a new device logs in to your account.

Tip #3: Pick Trusted Contacts

Ever wondered what will happen if you forgot your password and don’t have access to recovery option? What will you do that in the case? This is the place where Facebook Trusted Contacts came into light. Trusted Contacts are a small list of your Facebook friends which you trust the most and who can help you in case you want to recover your account. Please do note that: All the friends added by you to Trusted Contacts do get a notification about the activity. The following are the steps to activate Trusted Contacts for your Facebook Account:

Step 1: Go to your Facebook Settings

Step 2: In the Security Section, Click on ‘Trusted Contacts’ Edit Button


Step 3: Click on the Edit Button as marked in the red square.


Step 4: Now, you can add your Friends in the Trusted Contact List by adding their names. Note minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 is recommended.


Step 5: Click on Confirm and the selected friends are now added to your trusted contact list.

So, now any times you are unable to access your account due to any reasons your Trusted Contacts can help you get your account back.

Tip #4: Never Accepts a friend request from unknown persons

Did you accept friend requests blindly or have a look at who you are adding to your friend list? Almost 33.5% people when surveyed are seem to add people to their Facebook friend list just by seeing the profile, even if they actually don’t know the person. So what’s the take? The problem with this approach is that there are many cases I have seen that the unknown person is abusing me or asking for money. Also, there are many fake profile holders who are requesting a friend request, in order to collect the photos and videos of the victim. Once, these guys get such pictures they can modify and alter your photos and videos and use it for malicious purpose. So in order to stay safe, my first tip is to never accept a friend request from unknown persons. In case you are in doubt, ask or talk with the person before confirming his friend request.


Apart from these detailed tips, the following are some of the general security tips for your Facebook account:

  • Choose a strong password for your account. A password with special characters and numbers are stronger password.

  • Never Accepts a Friend Request from another people.

  • Also, do change the answer of your account recovery question to something wrong. But do remember your answer.
  • Change your Facebook Password as frequently as possible.
  • Never share your Facebook Password with Anyone.
  • Always Logs in to your Facebook Account from https://www.facebook.com (Web) or from the official Facebook App.
  • Do make sure your email accounts remain secure.

Now, thanking you all for reading this article and hope your account now remains secured. In case you want to get in touch with me (And Please Note I don’t hack any Facebook Account), you can mail me at bhuwnesh@outlook.com or follow me at Google+: https://plus.google.com/+BhuwneshJoshi1994  . Be Secured, Stay Smart. 

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