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Next Generation Search Engine.....say bye bye to google

Posted On : Dec 18th 2011 by Rishi Aggarwal

Wolfarm Alpha a next generation search engineFriday evening cool climate and you want to go home early for a big party. You start packing and suddenly look behind your chair, your boss is standing. He says Rishi here is a small task which needs to be completed today itself and he leave for the day. You don’t know how to complete that task...you start searching on Google for the solution…. which since long time has been synonymous to any search term on Internet today .You get result consisting of hundreds and thousands of links and only links, at that very moment one thought strikes your mind… may be there is a search engine which reads my mind and knows what exactly I want to search and saves my precious time!! Zap an answer flash… “wolframalpha.com a smart search engine”.

For example if your query is “What is the square root of 25?”
would return you a list of websites that may contain the answer. But Wolframalpha gives answer to the question instead of providing hundreds and thousands of links which may contain the answer..meaning there is uncertainty in the result obtained. In fact you were looking for the simple answer “5”. This is where wolframalpha comes to rescue; it computes the answer as “5”. It is not like Wolframalpha is better than Google or any search engine in market. The two search engines are entirely different category and cannot be compared.

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Wolframalpha doesn’t simply return links that contain the answers, like Google does, and it isn’t just a giant database of knowledge, like the Wikipedia. It understands the questions, interprets it and then computes answers to give you specific results. Suppose the date is entered then Wolframalpha give details of that day such as the time difference of the date entered from the current date in weeks, days and years. It’ll tell which day and week of the year the date was and all the historic events that happened in the given date. Also gives the time of sunrise, sunset and duration of daylight on the given date.

Having different genres of search engine will surely give an edge to all the internet users; may it be any professional people trying to seek information on particular topic, a student trying to gain knowledge or people who are pure in business and require different statistic on a click, will surely have a choice to select the search engine according to their requirements. It depends on individual to choose the best search engine which will provide the information in the required format.

So be smart; make the right searching choice!!!

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