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Anyone Can Take Your Identity

Posted On : Feb 25th 2014 by Abhishek Mahore

ID theft

Identity theft typically occurs when a cyber criminal successfully steals a person’s personally identifiable information. This type of cybercriminal does not really benefit unless there is a financial reward for the effort or some type of damage that can be done with the data. Thus, identity theft serves as a gateway to other cybercrimes such as tax-refund fraud, credit-card fraud, loan fraud and other similar crimes.


Some examples of identity theft’s malicious purposes are:

• Opening a line of credit
• Receiving medical care
• Obtaining employment
• Purchasing goods or services
• Renting or buying a house or apartment
• felonies, auction fraud and wage-related fraud.
• Other examples include committing traffic infractions or

This information can be found in multiple locations across the Internet. There also is an active black market for personally identifiable information, which is relatively easy to steal. Social engineering and dumpster diving are additional ways to gather this type of information.

Prevention Tips From HANS-Anti hacking Anticipation Society ®

• Choose good passwords and PINs
• Protect your computer
• Beware phishing scams.
• Don't accidentally on-sell or give away your identity details
• Take care when shopping online.
• Never answer unsolicited or unwanted emails.
• Watch out for "shoulder surfers."
• Watch what you carry.
• Carry your wallet or bag safely.
• Shred any documents with identifying information on them.
• Protect your snail mail.
• Get a security freeze on your credit.


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