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Will your antivirus be supported, after Windows XP Death?

Posted On : Jan 23rd 2014 by Rishi Aggarwal

Microsoft Windows XP is reaching its end in less than three months, on April 8th. Microsoft suggested everyone to update to a more modern operating system like Windows 7 or Windows 8. Its a Good advice, sure, but we know a lot of people will continue to run XP after its life has officially ended. What kind of options will they have for antivirus protection? Many major antivirus vendors planned to support for their products under XP even after XP passes on.

windows XP end

Our Advice
Make no mistake, if at all possible you should upgrade any XP systems to a more modern operating system. Once Microsoft stops patching security holes, XP is going to be like a target in a shooting gallery. Your antivirus may be able to stop malware attacks exploiting these unpatched vulnerabilities, but it may not. Usually there's a partnership between the fully patched operating system and the antivirus. After April, XP won't be holding up its side of the deal.

If circumstances force you to stick with XP, be aware your risk level will be rising. And choose an antivirus that will keep supporting you.


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Windows XP Died Death - Anti Hacking

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