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Latest Facebook Scam

Posted On : Dec 17th 2011 by Rishi Aggarwal

Anti Hacking

The target of this spam is only chrome and firefox users. In This Spam a HACKER or Spammer will shows a lucrative link. e.g." It Happens on live television" or just a naked lady…

Actually this is a malicious link, that will ask to share it with your friends before you even watch. An, once you try to watch it you will be asked to download a plugin. It will simply redirect you another domain, which will show you an error message and ask you to install plugin " youtube premium plugin". And once you fall in this trap, it will steal your browser cookies. that means your account is no more yours.. So, face happy facbooking. If this was really informative for you, kindly like our Facebook page.


Facebook Scam - Anti Hacking

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