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Protect Your Privacy on Facebook - added new options for you

Posted On : Oct 21st 2013 by Rishi Aggarwal

Facebook is now, taking out the "who can look up your Timeline by name" option from the site's security settings. If you have the feature enabled, sometime in the coming weeks you'll see a warning notice letting you know you're now searchable.

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Changes last year in how Facebook shared information meant that simply hiding your name from search really didn't do much to keep you from being found. A determined individual could find you by looking at your friends' profiles, or by locating you in photos. It also made Facebook search appear wonky, because someone could be looking at a picture of you but still not find you in search.

How to Stay (Mostly) Hidden

What Facebook would like you to do, and what is arguably safer anyway, is to use more fine-grained controls for who sees what you post. Facebook has some quick links to some of these controls in the upper right of each page, accessible by clicking the padlock icon. Here you can quickly adjust who sees future posts, add people you'd like to block, and change message filtering options.

More options are available by clicking Settings. To stay below the radar, you're going to want to click on Privacy, and review the options there. Note that you can retroactively change permissions on who can see older posts, and hide your profile from search engines like Google and Bing.

If you're concerned about people tagging you, or seeing pictures and posts that you're tagged in, click the Timeline and Tagging link. The settings to control who can see your posts, who can see posts that you're tagged in, and the option to vet posts you're tagged in are critical for keeping a low profile.
Remember that when you make a post on Facebook, you have the option to only allow specific people or groups to see your post. You can also excludespecific people from seeing the post.


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