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Get 1000 ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ In Just One Click Can Be Dangerous

Posted On : Sep 22nd 2013 by Taufique Azad


People are willing to spend a lot of money to create an internet buzz and sensationalize a product.

Fake ‘likes’ are sold in batches of 1,000 on internet hacker forums. One thousand fake Instagram followers will cost just US$15, while 1,000 ‘likes’ will go for $30. In comparison, 1,000 credit card numbers from a stolen PC cost as little as $6.

Hackers are using the Zeus virus to create bogus ‘likes' and followers that purport to come from users of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. The scheme is aimed at making products appear more popular. As social media becomes increasingly more important in shaping the reputations of people and businesses, hackers are using their skills to create false endorsements

Facebook, which has almost 1.2 billion users, insists it is stepping up security at Instagram, which it brought last year for $1 billion. Instagram, which has just 130 million users, will soon have the same security measures as Facebook. 


Fraudsters most commonly use automated software programs to manipulate ‘likes.’ The Zeus virus is the first piece of malicious software found to date, which is being used to post fake endorsements. The virus is normally used to steal credit card data.

The modified Zeus virus controls an infected computer from a central server, which effectively forces the computer to post ‘likes’ for specific users.


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