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Now Stolen Laptop and Cell Phone Tracking is Possible

Posted On : Jul 17th 2013 by Abhishek Mahore

The solution for all the stolen or missing problem of Laptop and cell phone there is one solution known as Pray Anti-theft software




The Prey anti-theft software is available for Linux, Windows, Mac and Android and Iphone devices. 



Prey is a free Web service for tracking and monitoring laptops, smart phones and other electronic devices. A software agent is installed on the device to be tracked. It connects a host computer. The host can signal the agent, prompting it to reply with information about its current location, and can trigger various other actions



Steps to setup Prey anti-theft software

1. Your first step is to download it from its website www.preyproject.com or from the Android Market and run the installer.

2. When you're installing Prey for the first time, you'll be prompted to create a new user account. Create an account and register the devices

3. With the device registered, you can log into the web-based control panel. Here, you can configure the device to perform particular actions and gather specific information if it goes missing. Follow the instructions for an explanation of the various options.

4. When you lose a device, you should head to the control panel and mark it as missing. Prey will then gather information about the device based on your configured file, and will send you reports at regular intervals (or instantly if you have a Pro account).

5. When reporting a missing device, you need to provide various identification features including its serial number and UUID. Thanks to Prey, you can also include screenshots and the thief's geo-location, to increase your chances of getting it back.


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