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Caller Tracking ; now a common man task

Posted On : Jun 04th 2013 by Rishi Aggarwal

A very popular app TRUECALLER, which displays the name of the caller, when someone calls up, even if the caller is not in our phone book, we can get the name of the caller that calls us, when i first saw and used this app, i was amazed that how can this be done, now as i get more info, it turns out to be really interesting.


This app actually is one sort of global phone book. Now when anyone installs this app, this app would ask to upload the entire phonebook of user to its server and add up the database. this is cyclic process has amounted to a huge database of mobile/landline telephone numbers.

I can say that it is a sort of intrusion to our privacy, without our knowledge, it takes up and uploads our phone numbers from various sources viz. mobile phones address book, facebook, twitter, and other social medias and constructs it database.
This shows up that how much we are aware of our privacy? most of people do not bother to read the terms and conditions while granting access to various apps that are installed in our smartphones, most of apps have capacity to covertly harbour our data to their developers in form of crash reports and other sources. Mobile app development APIs have option to give a trackback of the user to the developer - this means that the trackback data can be anything, including our privacy.
So, the readers out there who are concerned about their privacy can check their number at the site truecaller.com and if you want to remove your number from their lisitng, then go to http://truecaller.com/unlist


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