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Hackers Attack “Official Android Market”

Posted On : May 15th 2013 by Taufique Azad

Hackers’ intent to Hack Official Android Market to Hack Android Smartphone.

The threat came to light when Many Android applications has effected by malwares which is found in Android Market.
Once you download this app attacker will get fully access of your Smartphone and able to access phone remotely such as Contact book, Inbox, Memory card etc.   

Google admitted that up to 260,000 Smartphone have been hacked after handset users unwittingly downloaded virus-infected apps.

During probe found that the dodgy applications were downloaded after they had been repackaged with a code that corrupted them.


Technology giant was forced to withdraw at least 50 applications from its official Android Market. Google operated a ‘killswitch’ and remotely removed all of the affected apps from peoples’ phones.

 Firm has now sent text messages warning those affected that the malicious applications could access their personal information and take control of their handset.

Security Experts gave advice to Android users to switch legal and updated Antivirus and while downloading any app read app agreement and policies.



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