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HACKERs can access your mobile using VIBER

Posted On : May 01st 2013 by Rishi Aggarwal

Security experts has found a way to gain full access to Android phones using the popular messaging application "VIBER", where it just needs two phones, both running Viber, and a mobile number.

How it works. The victim phone is locked, but it has Viber installed and set up. The attacker phone sends a message to the victim, which brings up an alert window on the lockscreen. One of the unique features of Viber is that you can respond even while the phone is locked, and activating the Viber keyboard is the next step in the attack. Once the keyboard is active on the victim phone, the attacker sends another message. This time, press the back button on the victim phone, and suddenly you have full access to the victim phone.

VIBER Hacking

This exploit recquires two things that most attackers don't have.

1) An attacker need physical access to your phone. Without your phone, it wouldn't matter if it was locked or unlocked since the attacker couldn't do anything.

2) An attacker would need to have your Viber user information to send you a message. Even if your phone was stolen and the attacker somehow knew that you were a Viber user, they'd still need to send your specific phone a message.

A patch to this Exploit has been released. update your android, before other invade it.


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