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Are you E-April Fool?

Posted On : Apr 10th 2013 by Rishi Aggarwal

In a month of april many Facebook users might see posts, wondering if this is a great prank that I should really check out without knowing its could be a clever malicious scam to infect there computer or lure them to a phishing page.

Cyber-criminals take advantage of holidays and special events to trick users into clicking on links, opening up attachments, and navigating to dodgy Websites. Criminals can easily use subject lines referencing the best April Fools' joke ever, or suggest checking out a hilarious video. The variations are endless, so users have to be doubly careful. Is this a scam? Is this a prank? Is it real?


April Fool hacker

Before laughing at some of the fun sites and sharing them with your friends, keep the following tips in mind so that you don't mistake a scam for a joke.

Continue to be wary of links and attachments on Facebook wall or emails. Just because it says "April Fool" in the caption doesn't mean it can't be malicious. Beware before you click.


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