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Fake Jobs are Real Mistakes

Posted On : Feb 20th 2013 by Rishi Aggarwal


Hurry up! Job for Freshers. Pakage : 6-8 Lkh P/A


Does'nt Sound fabulous? Yeah! It sound fablulous and amazing but be aware before entering such offers. Span Mails were in fashion from many years, but recently we got many cases  from victims who fall in pranks, which offer lucractive positions and salary in reputed companies. Latest Stats of 2012, show that there is a huge number of such victims. Many Such cases when came to our NGo, we investigated it and found that these people have a huge network, who are planning 24X7 to trap you.


Fake Jobs

Generally, a reputed company never ask for money for an interview. If, you come accross any such advertisement. Please report us, so that we can take required steps.

Be Aware Be safe.

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Fake Jobs- Anti Hacking

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