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Selling You On Facebook

Posted On : Dec 23rd 2012 by zia ansari

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Many popular FACEBOOK apps obtain sensitive information about users – and users’ friends – so don’t be surprised if details about your religious, political and even sexual preferences start popping up in unexpected places.

Not so long ago, there was a familiar product called SOFTWARE. It was sold on stores, in shrink-wrapped boxes. When you bought it, all that you gave away was your credit card number or a stack of bills.

Now there are “apps” – stylish, discrete chunks of software that live online or in your Smartphone. To “buy” an app, all you have to do is click a button. Sometimes they cost few dollars, but many apps are free, at least in monetary terms. You often pay in other way.

Apps are gateways, and when you buy an app, there is a strong chance that you are supplying its developers with one of the most commodities in today’s economy: Personal Data.

FACEBOOK uses the information to attract advertisers, app makers and other business opportunities.

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