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Posted On : Dec 13th 2012 by Abhishek Mahore

fake wifi

“Hackers are taking advantage of travelers who want to stay connected,”

“They are setting up fake Wi-Fi connections designed to steal your personal information without you even knowing it.”

Although hackers have set up fake Wi-Fi connections in many locations, airports are a favorite ‘hot spot’.When searching for connections, consumers may see a network connection available that could simply be named‘Free Wi-Fi’.

Unfortunately, the network may actually be an ad-hoc network, or a peer-to-peer connection. The user will be able to surf the Internet, but they are doing it through the hacker’s computer.

While the user is online, the hacker is stealing information like passwords, credit card and bank account numbers, and social security numbers from the user’s laptop computers.

Airports across the nation continue to report Wi-Fi security issues. In a investigation revealed Airports had 20 wireless networks present that were specifically designed to hack into unsuspecting users’ computers and networks.


The HANS offers the following wireless safety advice:-

  1. Connect securely - Never connect to an unfamiliar wireless network—even if the name sounds genuine
  2. Create a Virtual Private Network (VPN) - A VPN establishes a private network across the public network which prevents a hacker from intercepting your data.
  3. Turn off file sharing when you are on the road to prevent hackers from stealing sensitive data from your computer or smartphone.
  4. Disable automatic connections - Make sure that your computer and smartphone are not set up to automatically connect to any wireless networks within your range.
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