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Easy WiFi Hacking Using Pineapple

Posted On : Oct 26th 2012 by Bhuwnesh Joshi

Before I Began, I Must Clear Out One Thing, That This Is Not the common pineapple. It is actually a whole Set of Devastating hardware tools used for cracking WiFi networks. Though It is quite less popular, it is one of the greatest WiFi Hacking Tool Available In the Market. Though It can be used for hacking Wifi Networks, it can also be used to penetrate and check the security of the network.

Pineapple - The WiFi Hacking Tool.

Pineapple Is the best choice for any WiFi Hacker in the market. Pineapple Supports A Large Set of Features such as:

  •     Supports Mobile Broadband Dongle and Android
  •      Easy Man in the middle attack with Stealth Point
  •      Supports Auxiliary Adapter for Death or Relay Attacks
  •     Web-based management simplify MITM attacks
  •     Battery Powered

     Expandable Community Modules and Much More....

The Pineapple can make even a novice hack WiFi network just like Creating a word document or anything much simpler. This Tool can be used with a large number of hardware as shown below.

This Makes this Device Too Easy To Handle and Portable. It is Easy to Learn Due To Hak5 Videos and Hak5 Forum. Also with It There Comes a Large set of modules at Pineapple's Official site. It is Also worth Note That There Are Three Types of Bundle Available Standard, Pro and Elite. But I must ask you to go with elite bundle because it comes with almost every tool necessary in a great Tactical Pelican Case As Shown Here

 Pineapple Box Image

As I Must End This Blog Before you starts getting bored, I end Up By Giving Some of The Useful Links:

  1. (Buy This Product)HakShop
  2. (Available as PDF)Easy Documentation
  3. Official Website

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