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Latest Internet Scams in INDIA

Posted On : Oct 21st 2012 by Rishi Aggarwal

Internet Scams in INDIA are in trend these days. Daily, we at HANS – Anti Hacking Anticipation Society receive so many requests from cyber victims. Everyone is aware about popular “lottery/Money reward” scams, so these scammers has changed the scenario. Among all the requests that we received from cyber victims, we found some common scams for which we want to make public aware.

latest online scam


Scam 1: Loan at 3% Interest


Fake Companies sometimes “HimGange Association”, “Hindustan Money Solutions” publish their proposal in reputed newspapers. Generally these fraud companies offers loan upto 50 lakh at a minimal rate of interest (3%). Whole plot starts when newspaper subscribers call them for further details. Usually, a customer associates Pooja/Nisha (other fake names) will ask callers to deposit minimum 2000rs to start the process. Slowly, they will ask more amounts to complete the file work. Sooner or later when callers realize that they may lose the money and ask them that they don’t want any further relation, these companies stop lifting there calls or other communication. As all these conversations held on internet, so many people find difficulty in tracking them.


Scam 2: Claim Income Tax Refund


Many Businessmen get spam mails every day, in which few of them get an Email for getting their Income Tax Refund. These kind of mails claim to refund Income Tax in exact figures (35783rs / 19237rs) or other. Sender [re-funds.net44@incometaxindia.com] of this mail will ask you to open some link where you can fill your details. Once a person enters such links, they got redirected to phishing pages on incomeTaxIndia website and other reputed online bank websites. Few of innocent people got trapped in such scams and have lost their hard earned money. Further this website will show you one or another error message and stores victim’s credentials. Many people tried to track these frauds but all went in vain.

As we all know that the entire government official website has a suffix “gov.in”, where in this case mail address has a suffix “.com”, so be aware before you click any such website.



We want to make you aware that nothing is free in this fishy internet world. Beware of such frauds. If you need any assistance in such cases you may contact us.



Be Aware, Be Secure

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Latest Online Scam in India - Anti Hacking

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