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I got a call from Facebook

Posted On : Sep 10th 2012 by Rishi Aggarwal

Yesterday one of my colleague got call from Facebook, he told me excitedly. I asked him what they said. He said nothing just some general questions. I thought he must be kidding. Today he again came to my desk saying "please help me, as my account got hacked".

facebook call hack

Our conversation

I: Did you tell your password to the caller yesterday ?
My colleague: No
I: Did you used your account somewhere in public place in these past days ?
My colleague: No
I: ............................. (Other general questions related to common mistakes, during hacking)
My colleague: NO NO NO NO NO NO


This was quite interesting for me, I googled it, and came across an latest news that YES, this is true that social networking giant FACBOOK is making “huge effort” to weed out fake profiles in India. Their intention is to prevent misuse of such identities, so if you got a call from Facebook, take it very seriously.

So, “you may get call from Facebook if profile identity is suspect”.


**Contrary: A Hacker / Brats may prank someone, showing that they are from Facebook and might ask your sensitive details. So be aware, that if you get such call don’t ever disclose your Password and security questions.


Be aware, be secure.


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