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Mobile Hacking using Charger

Posted On : Sep 08th 2012 by Rishi Aggarwal

Are you charging your mobile, or mobile is charging you?  Recently we came across few incidents where we found that some malwares/ interception applications on victim’s mobile who use to charge their mobile regularly in public places. This was really interesting for us. Certain question arises in our mind, how it is possible? Who can do this? Why someone will do this?

mobile hacking using charger

Our Team investigated the incidents and found some interesting facts. First of all, our Hats-Off to such geeks who can think up to this extent. We found that a special Device “XXXXXXX” was installed at Mobile Charging stations, which are capable of not only charging mobile phones but also Copying data from attached mobile to inbuilt Hard-Drives.

These devices are also capable of installing malicious scripts / Spyware applications on connected devices, silently.

 mobile hacking using charger

Till now no patches has been released for this identified threat. So, it’s a request from our team to avoid charging your mobile phones at public places.


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