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Job for Ethical hacker in Indian Navy

Posted On : Jul 19th 2012 by Abhishek Mahore

As cyber crime is increasing day by day our nation needs the heroes to fight cyber crime and few days ago Indian Navy Computers Hacked  by Chinese Hackers and it was done by sniffing tool which was found in the naval computers exactly as INS Arihant , India’s first nuclear missile submarine, was in trials at the targeted facility in Visakhaptnam. The virus had reportedly created a Hidden folder, collected specific files and documents based on certain "   key words"   it had been programmed to identify.

Indian Navy Computers Hacked  by Chinese Hackers

Recently Indian Navy has also announced job vacancy for their SHORT SERVICE COMMISSION (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY) where hacker can apply to work for our Nation


For details you can visit:-



Following is the link for the registration form:-



Note:-last date for registration is 22/7/2012

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