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Total member viewed you Facebook profile

Posted On : May 22nd 2012 by Abhishek Mahore

Since from long time people on facebook have the curiosity to know how many people have visited their profile but unfortunately there is no way that they can figure it out on the Facebook till today . HACKER on the other hand have exploited this curiosity of people on Facebook. They created a Facebook App which goes by multiple names such as Pro Check . These apps offer you to know the "Total member viewed you Facebook profile".

 Total member viewed you Facebook profile


These apps ask you to click the malicious link After clicking on the link you are requested to fill a small survey form and grant the app permission to access your basic personal information. Once you allow it to do so, It updates your Facebook Status like : "My total facebook views are: 8339 Find out your profile views." Where 8339 is a random no. and obviously fake.

Lacs of facebook user’s are already fooled by these spammer applications, As our profiles on the Social Networking sites like Facebook represents more or less who we are, Hence its very important for us to be aware of these spammer applications and protect our profiles from them.


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