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Trying to open torrents ?

Posted On : May 22nd 2012 by Abhishek Mahore

Torrent sites have been recently blocked by Department of Telecomm. This is  due to piracy issues caused by these websites. However these websites were soon unblocked. Time will only tell whether this is a permanant blocking or not. Not all torrent sites have been blocked. The interesting thing is Torrentz.Torrentz was redirecting .com to .eu and some how Department of Telecomm has blocked only .com and not .eu,


Unblock torrent

Last year Department of Telecomm had blocked file uploading websites like filesonic, etc.  so users can still browse torrentz on its .eu domain i.e. http://www.torrentz.eu According to me piracy cannot be stopped, however it can be reduced but blocking these sites is not the solution.
Now users will use proxies to get past this blocking barrier and still download stuff.  You need to block the uploaders because they are the one causing piracy.

Reason For Blocking

Reliance Entertainment was coming up with a movie release and so it got permission from High Court to block Torrent sites.

Update 1 – fenopy.eu and other such websites have also been blocked.
Update 2 – Good news everyone. All Torrent sites have been unblocked by Reliance Broadband
Update 3 – MTNL & Airtel Broadband is still blocking torrent sites.


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