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Yeah ! you can HACK Windows 7 in 30 Seconds.

Posted On : Feb 18th 2012 by Rishi Aggarwal


This iframe in a HTML page is powerful enough to crash down a 64 bit Win7 system to the famous Blue Screen Of Death (BSoD). This vulnerability has been recently reported by w3bdevil group.

 This has been tested on Windows 7, 64 bit version, running Safari. Microsoft is still accessing the impact of vulnerability. Here are the details from a security advisory.

Windows 7 hack


A vulnerability has been discovered in Microsoft Windows, which can be exploited by malicious people to potentially compromise a user's system.

 The vulnerability is caused due to an error in win32k.sys and can be exploited to corrupt memory via e.g. a specially crafted web page containing an IFRAME with an overly large "height" attribute viewed using the Apple Safari browser.

 Successful exploitation may allow execution of arbitrary code with kernel-mode privileges.

 The vulnerability is confirmed on a fully patched Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. Other versions may also be affected.


No effective solution is currently available.

Original Advisory



Windows 7 Hack - Anti Hacking

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