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Do you have 1 million Gmail Accounts ?

Posted On : Dec 25th 2011 by Rishi Aggarwal

Gmail is a very commonly used email service. It provides huge amount of storage around 8 GB and is growing day by day.


Did you know that Gmail provide unlimited accounts to the user even if the user has registered only for single time. Isn’t this exciting? There is a simple trick.


Let say there is account indianhans@gmail.com which you created by registering to Google email services. Now if you use in.dianhans@gmail.com or ind.ianhans@gmail.com they are all the same email ids and mail send to any of these will be received at email id indianhans@gmail.com.


Anti Hacking
Just by adding “.”(Dots) to the original email id, multiple ids can be created. Also ids can be created by concating “+ and digits” to the email id like indianhans+123@gmail.com or indianhans+1565623@gmail.com will create a new email id used as allies for indianhans@gmail.com.


Now with single Gmail account you can create multiple Facebook or any other account….... If you like our post please don't forget to like our Facebook page.


Gmail hack - Anti Hacking

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