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How to Secure Internet of Things

Posted On : Oct 27th 2017 by Mahendra Kshirsagar

“Internet of things” termed as IOT is future or the nextgen of the Internet. The diversity of IOT makes it an attractive target for Hackers and hence demanding the requirement for standardization of a security because it introduces a large number of devices to interconnected together also IOT is growing quickly and architecture is under investigation or improving faster than it is expected since it is facing challenges. As Such IOT helps to connect billions of devices to be interconnected together across the globe. The architecture of IOT is comprised basically of four layers which are Sensing layer, Network Layer, Service Layer and Application Interface Layer. However, its success depends on the standardization of security at various levels to provide Reliability, Interoperability, Compatibility & effectiveness of the applications or software over a global scale. A technically diverse range of networks are available for IOT are Wi-Fi ZigBee, Cloud, WLANs, ANT Etc. IOT as such is facing certain vulnerabilities. Few of the Vulnerabilities are Listed as: Impersonation, Man in the Middle Attacks, Eavesdropping, Denial of Service attacks, Access attacks, Spoofing attacks, transmission threats, Routing attacks, Nonrepudiation, Sybil attacks, Blackhole attacks, wormhole attacks. As such Goal of security should be to protect the IOT environment & to maintain Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, Accountability, Authentication & Authorization over the interconnected devices.


Following are some of the real-world applications of IoT.


  1. Smart City
  2. Smart Grid
  3. Industrial internet
  4. Connected cars
  5. Wearable devices
  6. IOT for farmers
  7. Agriculture
  8. Healthcare


As such internet of things promises to be a nextgen technology due to its worldwide adaptability, ease of accessibility and availability of its functions in the virtual environment. World of IOT is becoming more fascinating and Huge number of devices are expected to be interconnected in coming years.

courtesy : Amit Darange [ mailtoamit13 (at) Gmail (dot) com ]  

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